At Dawes Septic & Repair we provide a full range of top quality services to suit virtually all of your septic system needs in Ulster, and Orange counties. If you don’t see a particular service listed, please give us a call. Chances are we can help you or find the help you need.

    • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning
    • Gray Water Systems
    • Cesspools
    • Pipe Jettering & Cleaning
    • Locating & Exposing Tanks including Mark Out Service
    • Sewer Pump Service
    • Grease Service ( including traps and tanks)
    • Wastewater Disposal System Investigations
    • Wet Wells, Pump Pits & Lift Stations
    • Video Pipe Inspection
    • Wastewater Disposal System Investigations
      - Diagnose Failures
      - Design Solutions
    • Leach System Design, Installation & Repair
      - Dry Wells
      - Beds and Fields
      - Shallow Trench
      - Partial Fill
      - Raised Bed
      - Mound
      - Pump Up
    • Eljen System
    • Delta Treatment Systems
      We are your Delta Dealer
      - Infiltrator Tanks
      - Infiltrator Chambers
      - ATL (Advanced Treatment Leach Field)
      - Ecopod
      - Whitewater
      - Enviroaire
    • Enhanced Treatment Units (ETU)
      - Aerobic Treatment Systems
      - Alternative Treatment Systems
    • GOULDS Dealer
      We are your Goulds Dealer
      - Effluent Pumps
    • Eljen GSF Systems

Homeowners using the Internet to locate information regarding residential water and wastewater systems, controls and tanks may discover several sites offering a direct-to-consumer purchasing opportunity. Residential water and wastewater systems are mission critical applications and are designed to be installed by qualified professionals.

No warranty is offered on Goulds Water Technology equipment purchased over the Internet, including web-based options from unauthorized retailers.

This policy is necessary to ensure that Goulds Water Technology equipment is installed properly, in compliance with applicable laws, rules and codes, in a manner that addresses safety concerns and the proper performance of Goulds Water Technology equipment.


Once a small supply yard offering bulk stone, mulch and top soil, our Modena Earthworks division has grown to offer a variety of excavation services. We are able to provide design layout and implementation of various projects including:

    • Burials, Cremains & Foundations
    • Site work for new home build
    • Footing, perimeter & curtain drainage
    • Grading
    • Decommission
    • Demolition